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The Beginning

A shocking picture but with a purpose, this is me, Rachel. I was burned at age 16, resulting in burns and scars across my face and arms. This experience started me on my natural skincare journey, and helped make me who I am today.  This is me at 16 and me today at 34, no makeup, no filters, no editing to make me look better or worse 

The Details

I was on a sailboat when a can of alcohol used in an alcohol stoves exploded all over and around me, I was on fire but was able to jump into the water to put it out.  My eyes were swollen shut for 3 days, when I finally was able to see myself I didn’t recognize who was in the mirror.  I had faith that things would get better and I just needed to take it one day at a time. I thank God for the doctors and nurses that took care of me during this time, it was a long, slow healing process.  Due to the scarring and new skin I was not able to be in the sun for over a year and had to wear a mask anytime I was not at school, the mask helped to push the scarring smooth against my skin. Over time the redness and scarring went down, but my skincare journey was just beginning.  

My sister, Rebekah, took care of me for the month after I got burned when I was in the initial healing phase.  She helped me scrub the peeling skin away, helped me through the pain, and through the fears a 16 year old experiences when not knowing what she will look like.  I don’t know if Rebekah will ever know how much her love and support meant and means to me.

During this time I learned a lot about skincare and how the products you put on your skin are absorbed deep into your skin and into your body.  I also ended up with very sensitive, delicate skin that was easily aggravated by chemical laden products.  I first started out using olive and almond oils on my skin, to remove makeup and as a daily moisturizer.  Because of my scarring and sensitive skin I was very careful about the products I used and began researching natural skincare extensively.  

THe Next Chapter

Over the span of 17 years I acquired a lot of knowledge through studying, researching, and real life application.  This led me to making all of my own skincare products and eventually making them for my family.  My first  research began with reading the ingredient labels and learning more about each ingredient, I discovered that even many of the products that I thought were natural, contained ingredients that I did not want to put on my skin.  I was determined to create a skincare line that would be 100% natural, no questionable ingredients, if I am not okay putting it on my skin, I am not okay selling it.  My sister, who became an esthetician in her 20s, joined me in this  journey.

Today most people would look at my skin and never know I was burned and have scars, I tell people and they are shocked.  Though there are several factors, including fast medical treatment and nutrition, I attribute a lot of it to taking care of my skin.  I still have to be careful, limited sun exposure and definitely with sunscreen, I cannot use harsh products and I take my omega 3s.  

Sharing this journey with you is something I want to do, it is an important part of who I am and why we created LdorVdor Naturals, but it is not easy and not something I talk about often.  I am not embarrassed of my journey but I do not like being in the limelight, I would rather be behind a camera than in front of it.  I hope this story inspires you, whether you have dealt with a similar experience, acne, or have other skin concerns – you can overcome them.  

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