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When Rebekah and I were first dreaming up L’dor V’dor Naturals, we knew we wanted to give a portion of each sale to charity and went in search of organizations that had a cause we wanted to donate to and made a donation commitment.  We donate $1 of each sale to charity, if you have purchased a product from us, thank you for helping us support charity organizations.



One of my most cherished memories is hearing my father talk about wanting to leave the business to his children and go around with a truck up loaded with croissants and pastries, drive to areas where they didn’t have access to fresh baked goods and give it away.  That day never did come for our father, but the love of giving and sharing with others is something that was impressed upon me and is incredibly important to me.  



Our father loved what he did, baking amazing pastries and breads brought joy to his life, and he wanted everyone to be able to experience that same joy of breaking open a fresh croissant.  At the end of each day, he would load up all the baked goods that had not sold that day and drive them to the Salvation Army, to donate them.  This act of generosity and willingness to lose the opportunity for sales was something that left a strong impression on me throughout my life, and now in our business.  


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