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Why does my skin get dry and flaky in the fall and winter? - LdorVdor Naturals

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Why does my skin get dry and flaky in fall and winter?

Your skincare needs change from one season to the next due to outside temperatures and the moisture content in the air around you.  For many of you heading into the cooler and drier weather of fall, your skin is about to be assaulted by wind and dry forced air heating (central heating).

Have you ever noticed that you go from being a glowy skinned goddess in summer, thanks to increased sebum production, to a dull lackluster skinned goddess in winter?  When your cells are dry or dehydrated they die faster, meaning you have to work harder and more regularly to remove them.  Regularly using a gentle exfoliator helps to banish the scaly dry winter skin, couple this with twice a week deep exfoliating and hydrating masks for an added boost.  

What can you do about it?


Our Leave the Day Behind Cleansing Oil paired with a cotton washcloth is a very gentle way to exfoliate on a daily basis.  Make sure to use light pressure and massage the cloth across your face, this will stimulate blood flow while the cloth gently exfoliates your skin.

Looking for a deeper exfoliating treatment?  A gentle skin polish or scrub is a good option, though it may be too much for everyday use for some, experiment and see what works for you.  Check out the Charcoal Masquerade Skin Detox and Mask, natural sources of glycolic and lactic acids along with French Green Clay leave your skin smoother and more brightened.


After exfoliation, your skin is perfectly prepped to deeply absorb hydration, I like to follow with a couple drops of Hello Gorgeous Age-Defying Face Oil.  You won’t be able to stop touching your soft smooth face, don’t do it though, those germs can cause breakouts, but that is a story for another article.  

Happy exfoliating, pumpkin carving, and hot spiced cider drinking to all.


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